Resources from the January 2020 FE Training

Click here to download the IDA Jan 2020 Financial Education Training slides

A copy of the full Oregon IDA Financial Education Standards can be found by clicking here for .pdf and clicking here for .docx, updated July 2019.

IDA Legislative support

Training Handouts

Behavioral Economics:

Behavioral Economics Principals Handout– DevNW

Additional resources: Behavioral Economics Field Guide for Financial Services

Economic Literacy:

Economic Literacy Handout

Additional resources: Video about wealth inequality in the US-

United for a Fair Economy Resources- link

Consumer Rights

Consumer Rights Legislation Handout

Recent Violations of the CPA handout

Links – Rights and Fraud – Standard 6

Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services (DCBS)

Census and Protecting Consumers 01232020 (docx)

Census and Protecting Consumers 01232020 (PPTx)

The FTC manual on how to recover after your identity is stolen is available here :


CASH Oregon Spanish/English Tax flyers combined

Handouts from Tax session


Investing Module (Rollup) p1-4 DevNW