CFPB Toolkits

Your Money Your Goals

Your Money Your Goals (CFPB): Tools to help achieve goals and work through challenges. Tools cover the following topics: 1) Setting Goals 2) Saving 3) Tracking Income and Benefits 4) Paying Bills 5) Getting through the Month 6) Dealing with Debt 7) Understanding Credit Reports and Scores 8) Choosing Financial Products and Services 9) Protecting your Money.

NOTE: Your Money Your Goals is a great resource, but it is not made to be a stand-alone financial education class. It has tools that would be great to incorporate in a class, but in general, it is not written for groups. We recommend that in a class setting, you use these tools within a broader plan that engages people in additional ways, especially finding ways to encourage group interaction, and tailored to the needs and interests of your community.

Participant Booklets

Booklets to help talk about money (Participant Booklets) (CFPB) These free compact booklets can help you talk with people about money topics that are important to them. Each booklet includes a selection of simplified tools from the Your Money, Your Goals toolkit—all focused on a common financial stressor. The 4 booklets are 1) Behind on Bills 2) Debt getting in your way? 3) Want credit to work for you? 4) Building your Savings?