Topic 10: Investing to Achieve Goals

Core Content Resources

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IDA Education Packet: Planning for Retirement. Specifically designed for Oregon IDA Savers! Use this IDA Education Series Self-Directed Curriculum to learn about the basics of Planning for Retirement.

Saving early can make a big difference (web site) (Oregon College Savings Plan): Web site that shows the growth of an investment account with an assumed 5% annual rate of return, if you were to save early for higher education. (tuition, monthly contribution, rate of return, college savings, 529, retirement)

Links to Tools for Investing

First-time Home Buyer Savings Accounts

Oregon ABLE Savings Plan

Oregon College Savings Plan

OregonSaves- a state retirement program that provides Oregonians that have reported income and no retirement savings option at work, a vehicle to save for retirement. Click here to see a video on how OregonSaves works. 

Economic Literacy Resources

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Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plan Access, Uptake and Savings ( (article) Many households face substantial challenges in building their retirement nest egg. U.S. workers accumulate most of their retirement savings through their jobs, but more than one-third of full-time employees lack access to a workplace retirement plan.

Column: Two rival experts agree — 401(k) plans haven’t helped you save enough for retirement (LA Times) (article) Information on the shift from pensions to 401ks and like products and how that has decreased financial stability for retirees.

How Does Social Security Work? ( (article) How social security is funded and what could happen if it is privatized.

Additional Resources

Click here to see list of resources (web site) From the SEC’s Office of Investor Education and Advocacy, is your online resource to help you make sound investment decisions and avoid fraud. Find out if a broker or investment professional is properly licensed to do business, or whether a company is registered with the SEC, and more.

Planning for life events and large purchases (PDF) (CFPB) Tool: Provides examples of life events and participants identifying the timeframe, cost, amount of savings and credit needed for large purchases that people commonly strive toward (buying a car, birth or adoption, marriage, tools for work, birthday or rite of passage, buying a house, college or training).

Resources for the topic of Retirement (web site) See Financial Education Standards Page specific to the topic of Retirement.