Planning for your Retirement (website) (CFPB) Consumer Tools: Balancing debt, retirement income, and assets becomes even more important to your financial security as you age. Consumer tools and resources on this site can help you plan for retirement. (claiming Social Security, protecting your pension, pension payout, home equity loans, reverse mortgage, aging in place, managing debt)

What will saving part of your paycheck mean in retirement? (website) (Oregon Saves) Tool: This retirement calculator is an interactive tool for participants to see the effect of retirement savings by age and amounts. Calculates based on Roth IRAs and their contribution limits. Use your salary and savings rate to calculate your savings balance and retirement age.

When to Claim Social Security (Ppt Presentation), Facilitator Guide, Handouts, and evaluation (workshop kit) (NEFE): This workshop walks participants through the basics of determining their optimal age to begin receiving Social Security benefits, given their unique set of financial and life circumstances. Primarily intended for adults who are nearing retirement and are exploring when to stop working full time and start collecting their Social Security benefits. (By downloading, you are agreeing to NEFE Content License Agreements)

OregonSaves- a state retirement program that provides Oregonians that have reported income and no retirement savings option at work, a vehicle to save for retirement. Click here to see a video on how OregonSaves works.