Renting a Home

IDA Education Packet: Renting a Home. Specifically designed for Oregon IDA Savers! Use this IDA Education Series Self-Directed Curriculum to learn about the basics of Renting a Home. 

español: IDA Plan de estudios autodirigido: Depósito de Alquiler Información y apoyo a los ahorrantes de IDA para entender el proceso de solicitud para alquilar un nuevo lugar, y conocer las diferentes tasas y documentos con los que se puede encontrar


Other free resources:

Renter 101 Online Course (UM Extension) This is a free online course to help navigate the rental process. This course and workbook discusses:

  • How to manage money resources wisely to pay rent on time every month.
  • How to choose adequate, safe and affordable housing.
  • How to communicate effectively.
  • How to maintain a home.
  • How to navigate the rental process. This includes learning about screening, lease agreements, security deposits and moving out.