Topic 8: Consumer Rights

Core Content Resources

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Test Your Knowledge: Consumer Protections (PDF) (Community Vision): A quiz to test your knowledge about consumer protection laws. (Quiz, Consumer Lending Laws, Debt Collection, Rights) 

When Debt Collectors Call (PDF) (CFPB): A tool that lists steps to take when a debt collector contacts you to collect payment and how to resolve issues with debt collectors. Details a borrower’s right and responsibilities regarding responding to a debt collector as well as sample letters to send to a collector asking to verify debt ownership or dispute a debt.  (Debt Collection, Rights, Responsibilities, Sample Letters, Validation, Dispute, Statute of Limitations) 

Consumer Credit Protection Act  (website) ( Includes information on the basics of the Truth in Lending Act (TILA) Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA),  Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), and Electronic Fund Transfer Act EFTA). 

Knowing your Prepaid Card Rights (PDF) and Sending Money Abroad- know your rights  (PDF) (CFPB): You have certain rights under the law and the terms of your cardholder agreement for your prepaid card and protections when you send money to other countries.. It’s important to know your rights and how to exercise them (Choosing Financial Products and Services, Laws, theft, errors, fraud). 

List of Credit Card Rules (.docx) (KLCAS/Federal Reserve): A handout detailing changes in the credit card regulations that clarify consumer rights and responsibilities. (Credit Card, Regulations, Protections, Rights, Responsibilities) 

Protecting Your Identity (PDF) (CFPB): Explains what personal information is most important to protect and a check list of steps to take to protect that information. Red flags to pay attention to detect identity theft and steps to take if your are a victim of identity fraud. (Older Adults, Identity Protection, Theft, Check List, Action Steps, Red Flags, FTC, Fraud Alert, Security Freeze) 

Helpful Links for Consumer Rights and Fraud & ID Theft (PDF) A list of links related to Consumer Rights & Identity Theft. 

Identity Theft: What to know, What to do (PDF) (FTC): Handout: Brochure from the FTC on spotting identity theft, how to protect your information and what actions to take if your identity is stolen. (Identity Theft, Protection) 

Are You Aware? Identity theft and scams test (PDF) (Community Vision): Quiz about how to protect yourself from identity fraud (Quiz, Identity Theft, Scams, Open Ended Questions) 


Economic Literacy Resources

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Banks Continue to Deny Home Loans to People of Color (Equal Justice Initiative) (article) Redlining was outlawed in 1968 by the Fair Housing Act, and to correct the damage of redlining, the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 required banks to solicit borrowers and depositors from all segments of their communities. But five decades after the Fair Housing Act prohibited racial discrimination in lending, African Americans continue to be denied conventional mortgage loans at rates far higher than white homebuyers.


Additional Resources

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6E: How to Handle Identity Theft (PDF) (CFPB): Handout: What you can do if you suspect you’re the victim of identity theft or fraud (Protection, alert, reporting identity theft, protecting your money). 

Submit a Complaint about a Financial Product or Service (PDF) (CFPB): Having an issue with a financial product or service? If so, you can submit a complaint to the Bureau and we’ll work to get you a response from the company. The Bureau has handled over 1 million complaints, helping consumers connect with financial companies to get direct responses about problems with mortgages, student loans, debt collection, credit reports, and other financial products and services. (Protecting your money, Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection).