Web-based Resources

Two Cents (PBS): Short YouTube videos on a variety of financial topics. 

Consumer.gov Videos (FTC): Videos to assist in the teaching of Financial Education. Topics include Making a Budget, Opening a Bank Account, Cashing a Paycheck, Prepaid Cards, Renting an Apartment, Avoiding Student Loan Debt, Credit Scores, Minimum Payments on Credit Cards, Payday Lending, Car Title Loans, Why Care About Identity Theft, Recovering from Identity Theft, Scams Against Immigrants, Money Wiring Scams.

Finance Video Library (NGPF.org): Short videos a lot of different topics to assist in the teaching of Financial Education. Search by topic. Topics include Compound Interest, Credit Card Debt, Overdraft Fees, Using Apple Pay, Health Insurance, and lots more.

How Money Smart Are You? (Online Modules) (FDIC) A suite of 14 games and related resources about everyday financial topics. It’s based on FDIC’s Money Smart program.

Economic Literacy: To what extent was our economy designed to be fair? : (Take on Wall St) Economies Are Created, Not Born. Have You Ever Wondered Whether Our Economy Was Designed To Be Fair? Take A Journey With Us Through Pivotal Moments In Our History And Answer The Question For Yourself.